PoS Terminals

3GEEPAY LTD has been invested in creating a safe and secure electronic payment that introduce cutting edge financial solutions.

SZZT Terminals

SZZT Electronics provides self-service kiosk with customized selection for more than 20 domestic banks, hospitals and communities as well as international clients all over the world.

NexGo Terminals

After 20 years of development, NEXGO now is a worldwide influential technology company providing payment terminals and comprehensive associated technical services for electronic payment (stock code: 300130). For now, NEXGO has sold more than 38,000,000 POS terminals around the world, covering over 80 countries and regions.

Telpo Terminals

Founded in 1999, Telpo is the world's leading smart terminal and solution provider. Telpo owns a series of excellent products and solutions such as EFTPOS, Mobile POS, smart cash register, self-service kiosk, face recognition terminal, temperature measurement terminal, biometric terminal and so on.